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Mobile task management and messaging services

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January, 19 2012

Contactor Connections CC Oy (Ltd.) releases new features to its Contactor Mobile Task Management System.

September, 08 2008

Contactor Connections CC Ltd., the leading business text messaging provider, launches an advanced business task management system based on business text messaging.

September, 18 2007

Contactor Connections CC Ltd. the Finnish software and services provider of Web based SMS messaging solutions has moved to a new office.

Managing mobile tasks easily

Contactor Connections CC Oy (Ltd.) develops web and mobile applications for field force management, task management and messaging.  Applications are easy to implement and use.  They eliminate manual labor in routine admistrative tasks, such as reporting field assignments and planning working schedules. 

There are two main building blocks in the mobile task management system, the Contactor Mobile Task Manager and the SMS Contactor two-way business text messaging system. Both are provided as Software as a Service over the Internet.

Contactor Mobile Task Manager

Contactor Mobile Task Manager applications are excellents tools for running  e.g. house cleaning services, repair and maintenance services and staffing  services  The Contactor services can be used by small as well as large organisations.

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SMS Contacor

SMS Contactor is a two-way SMS text messaging service that can be used to send text message alerts, notifications and reminders as well as text message inquiries and invitations and monitor response messages in real time.  Reply messages can be used to automatically trigger business transactions in  Contactor Mobile Task Manager or in external information systems. SMS Contactor is also a group message service.

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SMS Applications


SMS text message alerts

SMS Alerts and SMS responses from rescue personnel help in allocating volunteers in an optimal way.

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Contactor services lend themselves well for organisations that have mobile field force or part- time workers, such as house cleaning service companies, repair and maintenance businesses, restaurants, retail shops and transport companies.


SMS Contactor business text messaging services improve customer services and queue management in e.g. health care and customer loyalty programs.

Business SMS text messaging services are used by small businesses, large enterprises and public service organisations.

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SMS text message inquiries

SMS Inquiries measure customer satisfaction.

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SMS text message invitations

SMS Invitations bring support personnel to urgent tasks..

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SMS text message reminders

SMS Reminders inform participants about meetings and tell organizers who are coming.

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